your hosts Misha & Rob

Who is Misha?

Misha English has been a “foodie” since childhood. At age 6,31Misha she loved making  menus for her family and serving them house specials such as cream of wheat with raisins.

In college, Misha became vegetarian, and soon thereafter vegan, giving her exciting new challenges in food preparation. In 1995, with her friend Anne, she began Satiation Sisters, a wholesale vegan bakery. And in June 1997, she opened Morning Glory Bakery and Café.

Misha graduated from law school in 2005, and practiced law for several years before she opened Velo Bed and Breakfast in 2013.  She recently became the president of Willamette Animal Guild (WAG), a nonprofit veterinary clinic working to lessen animal suffering by making spay/neuter services affordable and accessible to all. She enjoys organic gardening, crafting vegan food specialties, dog walking at the local shelter, spending time with her rescued companion animals, and traveling by tandem with her husband, Rob.

Who is Rob?

Rob English came to the United States from England in 2006 to work for Bike Friday, a 30Robcustom folding-bike company in Eugene, after graduating from Cambridge with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. In 2009, Rob began producing custom steel bikes under his own label, English Cycles. In February 2013, English Cycles won two awards, including “Best in Show,” at the North American Handbuilt Bike Show.

Rob is a record-holding competitive cyclist and has toured all over the world by bicycle. In 2009, Rob designed and built a recumbent tandem bike that is easily packed and transported when using air travel. This unique bike allows Rob and Misha to ride together on long trips despite the (painfully) large discrepancy between their riding abilities and endurance.

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